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Author: Martin Blais <>
Version: 766


Wrapper script for xxdiff that implements an invocation syntax like this:

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Wrapper script for xxdiff that implements an invocation syntax like this:

xxdiff-match dir1/.c dir2/.c

The way we implement the heuristic to match up files is simple: we match up the basenames of the files. If there are exactly two or three files in the list, we invoke an xxdiff on these files. The files are always invoked in the order that they show up on the command-line.

Another way to achieving similar behaviour is to use a more generic file matching script (see 'match-files' by the same author) along with xargs, e.g.:

match-files dir1/*.c dir2/*.c | xargs -n2 xxdiff

Using xxdiff-match has the advantage that it work with matches of 2 or 3 files, and also spawns xxdiff on single files (with an empty side).

Note: many users do not seem to understand why such a script is necessary. One must realize a few things: 1) globbing pattern expansion is done by the shell, before invocation of xxdiff, thus xxdiff cannot be aware of the globbing patterns (unless it itself would support the heuristic mentioned here, along with the user quoting the globbing patterns to avoid shell expansion); 2) the solution to this problem using expanded file lists is not trivial, the input (and its ordering) can encompass a lot more possibilities than immediately appears. Nevertheless, we built this functionality/heuristic in this script, because it may be useful to some.

See 'match-files' script by the same author for a more generic implementation of this file matching heuristic.


xxdiff-match [<options>] <file> <file> <file> <file> ...


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Copyright (C) 2003-2004 Martin Blais <>. This code is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.